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I've been teaching Yoga in Abingdon, Clifton Hampden, for the past fifteen years. My students range from children to parents and grandparents, pregnant women, Yoga afficionadoes as well as novice. I enjoy teaching various styles: Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga, adjusting the practice to my students. 

Yoga in Abbey Meadows, Abingdon

Credits: Bruno Blais, photography

 "Laurence has a profound knowledge of her subject, has a non-judgemental approach to teaching and has the knack of motivating and inspiring her students. Quite simply, my life would be poorer without her!"   
- Katie, April 2022
Twisting : Thai Yoga gentle stretch

Also known as lazy or passive Yoga, Thai Yoga massage helps stretch and relax muscles, loosen joints, decrease muscle tension and create a better sense of balance in the body.

"I’ve been feeling very aligned since I had a massage with Laurence.I’ve experienced renewed energy; less tension held in my body and also fewer migraines! It’s been an absolute joy and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience."  

- Emma, 2022

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