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About myself...

From childhood to Yoga

I was born in Switzerland where I spent my childhood. Age 15, I moved to Paris and remained there for the next ten years, studying drama and French litterature. I fell in love with an English man, moved to the UK in 1997, had three children, now almost grown ups, lived in Japan, trained as a journalist and after fifteen years decided to turn Yoga, my hobby at the time, into a full time occupation.


I've been teaching in Abingdon and Clifton Hampden for the past fifteen years. My students range from children to parents and  grandparents, pregnant women, Yoga afficionadoes as well as novice. I enjoy teaching various styles: Vinyasa, Iyengar and Hatha, adjusting the practice to my students' abilities. 

Body awareness

As far as I remember I've always been interested in movement. My mum and grand-dad suffered from joint pain and I was desperate to help. I started with gymnastic and ballet, then went into contemporary dance and mime and ended up on a Yoga mat somewhere in Somerset in 1998 when I was six month pregnant with my elder child.

Sitting still

I enjoyed the physical side of Yoga to start with and after a few years developed more awareness and could sit still happily or sometimes less happily ,  enjoying mental peace after observing what was going on in myself.

My own style

My teaching is straightforward: breathing and posture awareness first, and a guided relaxation at the end. No music, except when I'm working with kids.

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