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Which class should I choose?

Our Abingdon classes take place on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the Guildhall  (same building and entrance as the Abbey Cinema, first floor). If you are new to Yoga or have a medical condition, you may wish to join our Tuesday classes. If you like dynamic Yoga (with the flow kind of sequences), feel fit and have no medical condition, then, do please join our Wednesday session.

Abbey Meadows July 2022

Our Tuesday evening classes have been taking place in Clifton Hampden village hall for the past 13 years. You'll meet a core group of devoted practitionners if you attend the 7 pm class. If you are more of a novice, you may wish to join the 5.45 pm. But don't hesitate to contact Laurence Nagy Yoga for more details before booking.


All Nagy Yoga classes are back to halls, except for the Monday morning one. If you can't attend an in person class , this one is for you!.

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