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I managed to feel sore the day after in my thighs which is a good sign, right , and thank you Laurence for being flexible and adapting to my level …. and letting me use a chair most of the time !!

 Béatrice, September 2023

Laurence's Tuesday yoga class is something I always look forward to. Laurence has a beautiful energy, and the class is powerful and always different each week, working different parts of the body and energy systems. I always leave feeling relaxed but energised and have the most amazing sleep on "yoga nights"! 

Cassie, June 2024


 "Laurence has a profound knowledge of her subject, has a non-judgemental approach to teaching and has the knack of motivating and inspiring her students. Quite simply, my life would be poorer without her!"   

Katie, April 2022

Uttita padangustasana

"I fractured my pelvis before lockdown. Laurence was doing Zoom yoga . I was able to join in from home. I watched and visualise doing the stretches, and  enjoyed the relaxation. It helped my sleep and I felt more positive. I dont think I would have recovered so well without the help from Laurence’s classes. "

Philippa, 2020

"I had surgeries for ovarian cancer.  Online Yoga (due to Covid pandemic) was an opportunity. Laurence’s suggestion of visualising poses helped.  Mentally it was a time to be completely in the moment and “breathe”. Laurence’s guidance without judgement has been great."  Moyna, 2020

warrior1 in water

I'm really loving the Yoga. It has made such a difference to my mental and physical health. Thank you

Debbie, Abingdon, May 2018

Our baby girl arrived on Tuesday. We got home today. She is doing well. I am a bit stiff but sure I’ll recover soon. Tried to focus on the yoga relaxation tactics throughout labour and must have worked as we got there in the end with only gas and air. Some of the positions came in handy too, so thanks Laurence for all your advice.

Catherine, May 2015

When I started taking Laurence's class ,  I was suffering from tennis elbow and a pain in my hip and physiotherapy hadn't helped. Within a month or so of doing yoga the pain had all but disappeared and now, over a year on, there is no sign of it at all.  Laurence's teaching style is lovely and she encourages without being too pushy. Thanks Laurence.

Lisse , 2013


I love Laurence's yoga classes as they are challenging, inspiring, relaxing and fun all at the same time. I find them a perfect combination of vinyasa flow and traditional hatha postures. I look forward to the session each week and really feel like I have progressed in my own practice as a result of Laurence's guidance.

Louise Steele, 2015

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