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Childrens Yoga in Schools - Little Yogis

Yoga at school

Let's find the benefits of stress management techniques in/after school.

Laurence Nagy has qualified with Recherche pour le Yoga dans l'Education, a  training organisation, founded 40 years ago by an English teacher in France.  Yoga at or after school can help children manage better:






chilren doing yoga at school
childrens yoga in school

Experience at Europa School, Culham

I’ve been running a weekly Yoga session for the past two years at Europa school, Culham. This has allowed me to put into practice Yoga techniques developed in France by schoolteachers and applied by them in some classes and workshops.

My experience at Europa school has showed that after-school workshops can help kids find a place to settle, have fun, and relax before finding their way home. This experience is described in an essay I wrote for my certification

(Un SAS de Paix, available in French on request).


Yoga at school helps improve:


  • ability to live in a group

  • tension relief

  • better posture

  • breathing awareness

  • relaxation

  • concentration

To keep running these workshops, I would need parents and the school to agree on :


  • a budget (£40-£50/hour)

  • material: new Yoga mats and a box to keep them safe and clean

  • a room on the school site which I could keep for every session all year round.

Alternatively, I’m happy to discuss individually with schoolteachers who would be interested in introducing some Yoga techniques in their teaching.


Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this with me


My email:

My mobile number: 07554635112

My website:

draing of child enjoying yoga class

The RYE Method

For 40 years RYE (Research on Yoga in Education) has been working with educators around the world developing techniques & skills to enhance the learning environment within the classroom for both teachers and students.

The RYE approach is to intersperse simple yoga techniques over the school day, integrating them into the topic of learning. This helps improve pupils’ attitudes to learning and maximises their mindfulness, attention and memory.

These techniques can be integrated into many different activities with children, offering valuable life skills. Research shows that these techniques can improve concentration, focus & self-esteem, promoting effective learning.

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