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Breathing is our engine. It is also the best way to explore our ability to relax. I recently visited my elderly cousin, 97. She had been loosing sight and hearing over the years, but could live in her own home. Until one day, she fell over and broke her wrist. She's now been in hospital for almost two weeks and doesn't know if she'll ever go back to her flat. She can't see or hear, she can only walk with someone helping her.

She doesn't have anything familiar around her. When I came in, I shouted my name loud and she greeted me. Her mind is fresh as ever, her memory brilliant. We chatted (loud) for an hour.

She mentioned a cousin of hers, 96, who still walks without a stick and helps other in their wheelchairs. "I'm sure she's still valid thanks to the yoga she did", she said. "Maybe , I replied. "Would you like to try yoga"?, I asked. "The only thing you need to do is bring your free hand on your tummy and listen to your breathing". My cousin reclined and did what I had suggested. After a minute or so, she turned to me and said. "This is amazing, this has relaxed me from mind to toes." Breathing is our engine and our best friend.

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