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“I have always had an impression or a sense of the fragility of human beings, ​as if they needed tremendous energy in order to stay upright.”

Alberto Giacometti

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One-to-One or Group? 

Whether you prefer one-on-one personal instruction or the dynamic environment of a group class, you’ll receive an individualized approach with high quality instruction and support.

One to One 

No matter what your reasons for scheduling a personalized Yoga session, Laurence will begin with an assessment of how you are feeling at that moment, both physically and mentally.
​This interview is also an opportunity for you to express your goals and desires. Based on her assessment, Laurence determines which asanas, breathing practices and meditation techniques to lead you through.

GROUP Sessions

Regular weekly Beginners, Intermediate, Yoga For Everyone, Pregnancy and Ante Natal Yoga Classes at Abingdon and Clifton Hampden. 


I saw Laurence for one-to-one lessons. Her teachings have brought me useful knowledge (breathing, stretches, correct structural positions…). My health issues meant that she had to adapt to what I could do, which limited her, but she was always receptive.Thank you.

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