When you are not feeling 100%, you may still benefit from visualising and participating in an online Yoga session. Philippa and Moyna, two of my long term students, have experienced online practice after years of face to face practice. Here are their testimonials:

4th July 2020   Philippa:

In February this year I fractured my pelvis in two places and also my coccyx in a riding accident, I spent a week in hospital with physio so that I could walk with a frame. Luckily for me Laurence started doing Zoom yoga in March and so I was able to join in a little from home but it was good to watch and visualise doing the stretches and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation.
After that first session I managed to sleep for an hour longer and felt more positive.
I am 19 weeks down the road now from the injury and can walk for miles and am even trying to jog. I dont think I would be  recovering so well with out the help from Laurence’s yoga classes.

6th July 2020 Moyna 61:

I had two surgeries this spring for issue which turned out to be early stage ovarian cancer (no further treatment required currently which is great).  Yoga has always helped me both mind and body and I wanted to get to “own” my body again after surgery and on-line (due to Covid pandemic) was actually an opportunity I could enjoy. It also meant that I could explore the poses very gently, or indeed not at all if body did not permit, without feeling any pressure or much “missing out” which I might have felt in class . I also helped as I could not drive for a long time.  Laurence’s suggestion of visualising poses whether from years of experience or even as novice I’m sure helped.  I found it reinforced the feeling that i would get all the space back in my body and regain my stretch and strength be it very carefully at first.  Mentally too it was a time, as ever in class, to be completely in the moment and “breathe”, as well as connecting with friends and some of the “normal” world. 

Laurence’s guidance without judgement, even if looking at us over an online screen, and adapting poses for us, or offering alternatives has been great.