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Yoga in Prison

I attended a meeting organised yesterday in Oxford by the Prison Phoenix Trust (PPT).

I was interested to know if I could one day teach Yoga to students who don’t have access to Yoga classes.

I also reflected on my daily practice and thought that if one day I got locked up, the only thing which could help me cope would be my Yoga practice.

I also found the following video, an interview with Sandy Chubb,director of the PPT. Her path is inspiring. She’s very clear about meditation for instance. Listening to her, I realise that I do meditate a lot. I choose not to teach it straight away, rather helping students to feel more at ease with their body in the various postures. But on my own I very often sit still or walk along thinking at nothing special, but keeping in touch with my breath. I’m sure you do as well from time to time.


Yoga Blog Yoga in prison

Sentence reduction thanks to Yoga

Prisoners in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are being freed early if they complete yoga courses, according to a BBC report.

For every three months spent doing sun salutations, deep breathing exercises and balance postures, a prisoner will get 15 days off their sentence.

“Yoga is good for maintaining fitness, calming the behaviour, controlling anger and reducing stress,” said Sanjay Mane, the inspector general of prisons for Madhya Pradesh state.

“When a prisoner attends yoga sessions and fulfils some other conditions, he will be considered for a remission if his jail superintendent recommends his case.”

Attending literacy classes and earning college degrees would also bolster a prisoner’s case for early release, he said.

About 400 prisoners have signed up for the pilot program at Gwalior city jail.