• Addiction to Yoga

    Addiction to Yoga

    When I started taking Laurence’s yoga classes two years ago, I thought it was mainly breathing and stretching. Believe me, I was wrong. It is hard work, and I love it. The classes were always different, a mixture of dynamic movements and static postures finishing by a timely relaxation at the end. Laurence is very precise and careful with her students. She will find postures that you feel comfortable with. You will quickly become addicted to it!

    Isabelle C., Strasbourg, 2009

  • Stained glass pattern of Yoga symbol (sound) OM

    Stained glass pattern of Yoga symbol (sound) OM

    I loved the way the class always started with a calm posture to centre, look inwards, breathe and expel some OMs. We were always stretched (in both senses of the term), though we didn’t always realise it, so that by the end of the class we had a sense of achievement and the feeling that we had worked hard and deserved the relaxation session. Laurence was very attentive to the strengths and weaknesses of each of us, gently correcting postures and adapting them to our individual capabilities.

    Jan M., Strasbourg, 2009

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    Being a runner and a tennis player, I never thought I’d become serious about yoga. I love sports but I thought yoga might be too ‘slow’ for me. I’m also not a very flexible person so I was reluctant. What I didn’t realize was how much I would benefit from slowing down and listening to my body. Laurence taught me how to focus, improve my flexibility and build strength, both physically and mentally.  She has an amazing attention to detail and pushes her students to progress safely and within their personal limits.  I’m grateful to her for starting me on my yoga path!

    Tara F., Strasbourg, 2009