• It took me a little while to adjust to this new yoga discipline but now I’m beginning to understand it and am starting to feel the benefits especially in my legs. I also think that the relaxation session is well thought out and practiced and creates an oasis of peace in a busy world. Thank you.

    Philippa R., Hatha Yoga practitioner for over 20 years,  2011.

  • When I practice Iyenga Yoga, I spend time in the postures and continuously make the adjustments that Laurence suggests are right for my body.  At the end of the class I feel relaxed, knowing that I have worked hard.  When I then take the Vinyasa Yoga class, I am able to put into practice the learned adjustments from the Iyenga Yoga class, whilst flowing through the postures.  I love the energy I get from Vinyasa Yoga.

    Anne K., Abingdon, 2011

  • J’ai beaucoup aimé le stage, surtout le fait que tu ais adapté le cours selon les besoins et respecté les niveaux respectifs des différentes participantes. J’ai beacoup apprécié aussi que tu ais pris le temps pour répondre aux questions. Il me semble que tu maitrises vraiment l’alignement correct des différentes postures, et j’ai trouvé tes instructions très précises, claires et utiles.
    Yvonne Schleiss, Fribourg, juillet 2010

  • I would just like to say thank you for your help and I have enjoyed the classes and despite the problems with the old knees I feel much better and more flexible although I will never be able to attain the banana pose (I don’t know the correct name but I call it the inverted banana pose) without your help!!!!

    Janice I., McCormick, UK

  •  I have really enjoyed the two classes I have been to and look forward to more.  I like the pace that you take us at – you seem very aware of each students ability and happy to spend time tailoring postures and focusing on ensuring that people are working safely within their ability.

    Helen M., Oxfordshire, UK