• What a lovely summer! We even spent a session in the water. Try it.  Mostly standing postures, but why not a handstand!

  • Le plus grand service qu’une religion peut rendre à ceux de ses fidèles qui ont une vocation mystique, c’est de les mener au-delà d’elle-même.


    English:  The biggest service that a religion can offer its faithful believers, if they have a vocation for the mystical, is to lead them to places beyond itself




    Just sharing an audio document I’ve just listened too.


    As a scholar and practitionner of Buddhism, Alan Wallace

    tries to integrate Buddhist contemplative practices with Western science to advance the study of the mind.

    Large S Samadhi


    Yama    ethical principles


    Niyama  guidance for personal discipline


    Asana practice of Yoga postures


    Pranayama  practice of breathing techniques


    Pratyahara  internalization of the senses


    Dharana  concentration and mental focusing


    Dhyana  meditation


    Samadhi  the achievement of ultimate bliss