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Yoga makes a difference

I’m really loving the Yoga. It has made such a difference to my mental and physical health. Thank you

Debbie, Abingdon, May 2018

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Yoga and Greco/Roman contrapposto

One of my students, Helen Edwards is currently studying for an MA in Teaching and Art at Brookes University. Part of the course is to develop her own practice as an artist to become a better or more informed teacher.

Her practice is focused on developing a discipline in drawing, in particular understanding the origins and use of contrapposto*  in Greco/Roman figures.
She wishes to further the practice by looking into Yoga poses and the twists and turns that the human form takes in yoga poses.
She’s using photographs of our practitioners to develop her work.

Greco/Roman figures

The Borghese Warrior: Musée du Louvre, Paris
The Borghese Warrior: Musée du Louvre, Paris

This statue is known as the Borghese Warrior, it is probably a version of an original of the 3rd century BC and is signed by the copyist Agasias in lettering of about 100 BC, it was found at Antium and the original is now in Paris, Musée du Louvre. (notes by Helen)


Belvedere Torso: Pio Clementine Museum, Vatican City.  Greek

The original is a marble sculpture of a male nude torso signed by the Athenian sculptor Apollonius and was long thought to be a1st century B.C.E. original. It is now believed that Apollonius coped a 2nd-century original.  The torso had much influence on the late Renaissance, early baroque sculptors and was much studied by the likes of Michaelangelo.  (notes by Helen)





Yoga poses + drawings by Helen

Coming Soon

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About Nagy-Yoga

Laurence Nagy… who?

Laurence has been practising Yoga for 20 years.
She teacher trained between 2006 and 2010, and decided to focus on her teaching for the past 9 years, living in Oxfordshire.
Her classes are mainly in Abingdon and Clifton Hampden.
She sometimes operates elsewhere but is quite keen to develop her art locally.
Do feel free to contact her for more details.


About Nagy-Yoga

Thai Yoga Massage

…or how to improve your practice

Thai Yoga massage is often called Passive Yoga. It started more or less at the same time as Yoga in India (3000 years ago).

It is a mixture of acupressure and stretches, focusing on ten among thousands of energy lines. Its main purpose is to rebalance the whole body and provide deep relaxation.

For optimum result, please allow two hours (£70). If you’d like a shorter massage, we can decide to focus on two or three areas within one hour or one hour and a half.

TYM is practised on the floor with comfortable duvet padding and heated blanket. Just wear soft clothes as you don’t need to undress.

Laurence will ask you about your health. It is important that you provide detailed information about any ailment (high blood pressure, heart problems, osteoporosis, digestion, old fractures, operations, etc.)

Available slots are usually on Monday afternoon, early evening, Thursday and Friday. Please email Laurence or call her on 07554635112

TYM with Laurence are for ladies only