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Yoga and M.E.

It was great to try out 4 consecutive days but sadly this was definitely “too much” for me and I felt rather grotty for about a day afterwards though am fine now.
I enjoyed trying out new/ different poses and sequences including the flow yoga (?) on day 4 though suspect that the latter is particularly demanding in terms of energy.

Key features for cfs/ M.E. recovery are:
Pacing of activity and ensuring rest between periods of activity
Extending the amount and rate of activity very carefully.
Pushing the boundaries is good and necessary but too much too soon is counterproductive.
It’s a difficult balancing act to get it right !  (So, yoga once a week is fine for me but every day not fine – yet !)
I’m convinced that doing yoga over the last year or so has been really positive for me.  Indeed a couple of weeks ago whilst walking with friends in the Italian Alps they were amazed at what I could do compared with a year ago!
(Photo of me in my favourite sort of place is attached !).
It’s interesting that many people have reported the benefits of yoga for cfs/M.E. and indeed some teachers offer classes particularly for those affected.

So I plan to continue with yoga and would like to extend/ expand what I do in due course.
Sue, August 2017

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