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Energising workshop with Pixie Lillas

Wonderful workshop with Pixie Lillas at the Iyengar Institute in London. My second workshop with this Australian teacher.

Pixie’s teaching is well paced. With Iyengar Yoga, you are meant to spend some time watching and listening to the teacher. It can sometimes slow down your inner pace. Pixie succeeds in taking time for explanations, demonstrations, corrections without interrupting at all the general pace of the class. Postures are being done and repeated in good time, without remaining that long in each one. Pixie’s very precise in her directions and corrects you appropriately . Her main focus at the week-end was on lifting back rib area, in back- and forward bends.

There is a lot of energy involved in her teaching. She never looks exhausted, speaks clearly, sometimes with her eyes half closed, speaking loud enough to be heard from the back of the class. She maintains entire concentration for three hours. All pace no break.

I like her comments on inversions which you can find here


Thank you Pixie for a very energizing


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