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Women’s refuge Yoga: safe and buzzing

We ‘ve had two sessions so far. The women seem to like it. The first time I came, the TV was on, two babies were crawling around, toys were scattered across the light carpeted room. We introduced ourselves briefly. I said children would take part in the session and mums didn’t need to worry about them being “lively”.

Mobile phones were still on, ready to vibrate and buzz. I didn’t say anything. Yoga should keep us focused in any environment. Their environment at the moment was not the quietest one, but it was safe.

We bottom walked on the floor, straightening our backs. The children sat laughing on their mothers’ laps.

The second time, one woman had already left the house to get her own place somewhere with her child. Another young woman was waiting to find herself a flat, the third one was struggling to stay awake after a sleepless night with a sick baby. A new resident had gone shopping and was disappointed as she came back to have missed the session.

We managed a few poses in silence. Between cat and dog postures, the tired mum fed her child. In the meantime the other young woman asked if she could turn the TV off next door. I was very pleased with her need for quietness.

After feeding, the baby sat in his pushchair and watched. We proceeded happily towards relaxation. I believe everyone felt the benefits of letting go for a few moments.

Laurence Nagy, on a mission for Yoga Quota , April 2015




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