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Educate muscles for postural correction

Postural changes are frequently associated with osteoporosis, back pain and other pathology. Restoration of a more optimal anatomical alignment can help relieve back pain and other symptoms plus it can help assure better weight-bearing forces through the bones and more specific muscle contraction on the bones, thereby positively affecting bone health and strength.

Research has shown that the single major determinant of bone density (1/3 of bone health) is muscle contraction. Therefore, theoretically at least, the more specific an exercise program can be in targeting the at-risk areas of the body, the stronger the bones will be and risk of fracture will be reduced. The Meeks Method specifically targets strengthening of the Erector Spinae, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus muscles, the primary support muscles of the spine and hips. Other muscles are, of course strengthened as the entire body is taken into account. Research has shown that strengthening the erector spinae muscle group reduces the incidence of compression fracture in persons with osteoporosis (Sinaki, Itoi 2002.) Also, it has been shown that a decrease in hip extension is exaggerated in fallers and may limit performance (Kerrigan et al 2001) in the elderly.

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