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Richard Freeman: famous, good, but late

Went to Richard Freeman’s  workshop in Oxford last week-end. First time with the “world famous guru”.

Learnt  about joining coccyx and the pubic bone via the “pc” (no connection with Bill Gates’ desktop.. ) pubococcygeus – muscle (pelvic floor muscle) (in orange).

Learnt about prana and apana which I still have to explore further.

Learnt about bringing my shoulders  further back.

Heard about Astanga being cheaper than Iyengar, because  using no props.

Heard about a lot of images helping you into the right posture right (hoodie on your head –  feel how to hold your head; kidney wings to  open with the breath).

Learnt about preparing for headstand, kneeling first and placing your hands crossed behind you head, extending the elbows towards the ceiling and away from the shoulders, making space between the ears and the shoulders and pushing the wrists up.

Richard Freeman is famous. You can follow his teaching on Youtube. Several times. He looks so “cool”.

He’s been practicing Yoga for the last forty years, studying various philosophy movements. His popularity makes him an all powered man  (we were fifty in the hall and Vishnu knows  how many on the waiting list?)

Richard Freeman was late. Started late, finished late. But the majority of us didn’t mind. In the meantime, students were giggling at his jokes. They were not all funny, but he tried hard to make us smile. Release the mouth, the jaw, the palate. It works. RF is aware of so many connections in his own body. he sadly hoped we can follow his pace of mind.

I felt slightly battered after two days. It went well but I still think  a guru has the right (duty?) to start and finish on time. Respect!

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