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Have a yawn!


One of my students was worried as she kept yawning during our Yoga sessions.

Maybe she was bored.

Or maybe, according to several articles, she was actually looking after herself. Yawning seems to provide all sorts of benefits to our system and we shouldn’t restrain it.

Please read this extract from a holistic health website

Yawning & Sighing


Whenever I do yoga or breathing exercises, I seem to need to yawn or sigh. How can I stop from yawning or sighing?

First let me start by saying that it is very important NOT to supress these actions. Here are Janet Goodrich’s views on the benefits of yawning from her book “Natural Vision Improvement”:

  • Yawning brings fresh oxygen into body cells including the eyes and brain.
  • Yawning contracts then releases the muscles related to the eyes. A really good yawn will contract and expand muscles from the top of your head to the tips of your toes — including the should or trapezius muscles, the eyes (orbicularis oculi), the neck (neck flexors), the belly (the abdominals and solar plexus area).
  • Yawning is capable of changing emotional states from negative to positive.
  • Yawning changes the pH of the blood reducing toxicity levels in your whole system.
  • Yawning stimulates the production of refreshing tears that bathe naturally tired eyes and moisten chronically dry eyes.
  • Yawning helps to cleanse the liver and to balance the energy in the liver meridian.
    Here is what to do about yawning.

  • If the urge to yawn comes up during the yoga or deep breathing, DON’T SUPRESS IT. The more yawning that comes up during the yoga and deep breathing, the better.
  • Whenever you have to yawn, make it a BIG yawn, opening the mouth wide and making a noise while exhalling. This is very important — to heck with Ms. Manners. 🙂 Could you image a big lion starting to yawn, realizing that it is in public, and then supressing the yawn? I don’t think so!
  • The same can be said of sighing. Make a big, noisy sigh.


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