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Yoga in Prison

I attended a meeting organised yesterday in Oxford by the Prison Phoenix Trust (PPT).

I was interested to know if I could one day teach Yoga to students who don’t have access to Yoga classes.

I also reflected on my daily practice and thought that if one day I got locked up, the only thing which could help me cope would be my Yoga practice.

I also found the following video, an interview with Sandy Chubb,director of the PPT. Her path is inspiring. She’s very clear about meditation for instance. Listening to her, I realise that I do meditate a lot. I choose not to teach it straight away, rather helping students to feel more at ease with their body in the various postures. But on my own I very often sit still or walk along thinking at nothing special, but keeping in touch with my breath. I’m sure you do as well from time to time.


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