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Eat, practice and breathe

A new report warns people against diets and too much slimming. According to a recent study published by  American Geriatrics Society, which you can read in French in today’s Swiss daily Le Temps, you’ll live longer if you are reasonnably round and active, rather than skinny and  moving too little.

Payboy magazine is quoted as saying that ideal weight for a woman has dropped 18kg between 1959 and 1989. “Marilyn Monroe was considered sexy at the  time. She would have no chance today”, says prof Maake Krusemann from HES Geneva.

Not sure about that… 

Regarding Yoga practice… don’t starve yourself  , but leave some time between meals and Yoga practice (2 hours after a light meal,four hours after a big meal, according to B.K.S. Iyengar). Enjoy your food. Prepare it yourself if you can. Pleasure and digestion go together. Make sure you eat  food you like which makes you sleep well and feel happy. Try to vary the ingredients. Be curious and watch the colours on your plate.

Michèle, Yoga blog writer in France, sums it up: “Les yogi refusent de donner des recommandations trop détaillées: x% de céréales, y% de fruits, z% de protéines par jour etc. Chaque organisme est différent et est soumis aux changements des saisons, à des activités différentes, ses propres biorythmes. Les besoins changent”

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