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Squeeze it with Brian Cooper

Went to Brian Cooper ‘s workshop last Saturday in Oxford. Great time. Brian chatted just the right amount. Spoke about his tongue becoming longer after practicing Khechari mudra (Yoga technique where you turn you tongue into your mouth so as to have its tip against the back of the palate). “Soon I won’t be able to speak anymore…”
We practiced Mulabandha, contraction of the anus and perineum + more if possible. Lift of the pelvic floor, something which you need to experience  before being comfortable to talk about.

” How many of you pratice mulabandha in each posture?” Not often, I thought but cowardly didn’t tell. Since, I’ve practiced the dog pose (up and down) with legs tightly pressed against each other. It helps the mulabandha . Once you’ve got that muscular contraction, you can introduce uddiyana bandha, where you also contract the abdomen and try to hold the stomach in at the end of the inbreath. Have been trying every day for a week with raised arms before breakfast. Must be quite hard  on a full stomach.

I missed the third bandha(in the throat which was taught on Sunday). I also missed some of the navasana and ardha navasana practice ( the boat posture). Brian says he holds it for 60 breaths. Good for him. I can just hold it for 15. I’ll speak to you in a few weeks , see how I’m getting on.

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