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Kids and Backbends with Liz Lark

I knew Liz Lark from a book. One of my students once brought me Yoga for Kids in Dutch and I later bought it in English to read it. The book describes Yoga postures you can try with children.

It’s well illustrated and I used it a few times with my own children. It never really worked, not because of the book, but because some kids choose a different path from their parents to build their identity.

On Sunday (October 11th), I tried one of Liz Lark’s adult workshops in Oxford. I made the mistake of choosing backbends one morning session on backbends, instead of the two-days workshop. It’s always a bad idea to buy a quarter or half a workshop.

I missed shavasana_image_550_w the Yoganidra session in the afternoon, and felt much too energised for the rest of the day.

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