• My feedback is that I really enjoyed the 4 mornings and would definitely sign up again. My hip felt better than it has done for a long time the week after, and I am now thinking about trying to get to another class each week – in addition to the current Tues morning class I attend.

    What could be improved – maybe some flexibility that you book to come for 3 of the 4 days…..as sometimes things crop up at short notice or unexpectedly.

    Pauline, Abingdon , August 2017


    It was great to try out 4 consecutive days but sadly this was definitely “too much” for me and I felt rather grotty for about a day afterwards though am fine now.    I enjoyed trying out new/ different poses and sequences including the flow yoga (?) on day 4 though suspect that the latter is particularly demanding in terms of energy.

    Key features for cfs/ M.E. recovery are:

    •  Pacing of activity and ensuring rest between periods of activity
    • Extending the amount and rate of activity very carefully.   Pushing the boundaries is good and necessary but too much too soon is counter productive.  It’s a difficult balancing act to get it right !  (So, yoga once a week is fine for me but every day not fine – yet !)

    I’m convinced that doing yoga over the last year or so has been really positive for me.  Indeed a couple of weeks ago whilst walking with friends in the Italian Alps they were amazed at what I could do compared with a year ago !   (Photo of me in my favourite sort of place is attached !).    It’s interesting that many people have reported the benefits of yoga for cfs/M.E. and indeed some teachers offer classes particularly for those affected.   

    So I plan to continue with yoga and would like to extend/ expand what I do in due course.

    Sue, August 2017

  • Two years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was quite distressed and worried by the news and knew that I would have to make some significant life changes. My diet was one, but introducing some form of activity and exercise was another ; that would improve my well-being. Choosing an activity that you enjoy ( rather then being a chore) is far more fun and you will be more likely to keep it up. For me, it was Yoga I found it relaxing, calming but it challenged me also. Yoga has helped me build muscle and core strength . By creating healthy habits, such as sitting less and moving more, has given me positive energy.

    Barbara, Oxfordshire, July 2015

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